What is it?

In this unique and immersive experience, participants will explore the captivating world of radio drama, where storytelling takes center stage through the power of voice. Over the workshop’s duration, students will delve into the art of voice acting, honing their skills to create a compelling and immersive audio narrative.

🎭 Mastering the Art of Voice Acting:
From vocal modulation to the subtle nuances of emotion, our expert coaches will guide students in harnessing the full potential of their voices. Through engaging exercises and techniques, participants will learn how to convey character, mood, and tension, laying the foundation for an unforgettable radio play performance.

🎤 Script Exploration and Character Development:
Participants will dive into thought-provoking scripts, unlocking the intricacies of character development and plot dynamics. Each student will breathe life into their assigned roles, exploring the depths of expression and character portrayal in this purely auditory medium.

🔊 Soundscapes and Foley Artistry:
Discover the art of creating soundscapes and foley effects, enhancing the auditory experience of the radio play. From footsteps to creaking doors, students will learn how to produce a rich tapestry of sounds that transport listeners into the heart of the story.

📻 Radio Play Showcase:
The workshop crescendos with a thrilling showcase—a live recording of the meticulously crafted radio plays! Families and friends are invited to tune in and witness the magic as our talented voice actors bring narratives to life, leaving an indelible mark on the airwaves.

Join us for the Radio Play Drama Workshop—a symphony of voices, a tapestry of tales, and an unforgettable exploration into the power of sound in storytelling. Let your voice be the instrument that captivates and transports audiences to realms unknown! 🌌🔊

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Info and Pricing


SUITABLE FOR: Grades 7-12

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday 9 December – Thursday 11 January 2024

LOCATION: The Junction, 14 Junction Road, Burleigh Heads

COST: $250

TUTOR: Errenn Ball