What is it? 

In this unique and immersive workshop, we’ll dive deep into the lives, behaviors, and instincts of various animals. From the majestic grace of a soaring eagle to the cunning wit of a sly fox, we’ll uncover the secrets of the animal kingdom and bring their captivating stories and opinions to life! 

Through a series of interactive activities, improvisation exercises, and character exploration, we’ll delve into the art of animalistic performance. We’ll discover how to embody different animals physically, vocally, and emotionally, capturing their essence in every movement and sound we make. Get ready to unleash your inner beast! 

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

🐾 Understand animal behaviours: their unique traits, mannerisms, and communication methods.

🎭 Develop animal characters: Create compelling animal characters by exploring their motivations, instincts, and relationships within their habitats.

🌟 Embody animal physicality: Discover the physicality and movements of different animals, incorporating them into your performances to bring authenticity and depth to your characters.

🗣️ Master animal vocalisation: Learn how to use your voice to replicate animal sounds, from the gentle purr of a kitten to the roaring might of a lion, and infuse them into your performances along with dialogue expressing the view of the world from their perspective.

🎨 Collaborate creatively: Engage in group activities and ensemble work that encourages collaboration and fosters a supportive community of animal performers.

🎬 Showcase your talents: The workshop concludes with a showing to parents and friends where we’ll bring our animal characters to life on stage, captivating our audience with the enchantment of the animal kingdom!

Whether you’re a current ZigZag Theatre or not and eager to explore the world through animal eyes, “Through the Eyes of the Wild” is the perfect drama workshop for you! Unleash your inner animal and join us for an unforgettable journey into the wild! 


Info and Pricing


SUITABLE FOR: Grades 1 – 6

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday 4 July, 9am – 3pm (2.30pm showing)

LOCATION: The Junction, 14 Junction Road, Burleigh Heads

COST: $80 

TUTOR: Portia Morris

10% discount available to current ZigZag Theatre Members