What is it?

Step into a world beyond imagination with our “Intergalactic Adventure” drama holiday program for Prep to Grade 2! Join us for an out-of-this-world journey where young explorers will embark on thrilling escapades across the cosmos.

In this interactive and engaging day long program, children will unleash their creativity as they dive into the vast reaches of space, encountering alien creatures, exploring distant planets, and solving cosmic mysteries. Through dynamic drama activities, students will develop confidence, communication skills, and teamwork while igniting their passion for storytelling and performance.

Guided by their experienced instructor Imogen Bryan, participants will craft their own space-themed adventures, making props and costume pieces bringing extraterrestrial characters to life. Whether navigating asteroid fields, staging epic space battles, or discovering hidden galaxies, every moment promises excitement and discovery.

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the stars in our “Intergalactic Adventure” drama holiday program. Blast off into a universe of creativity, imagination, and endless possibilities!

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Info and Pricing


SUITABLE FOR: Prep – Grade 2

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday 9 April  (2.30pm showing)

LOCATION: The Junction, 14 Junction Road, Burleigh Heads

COST: $75

TUTOR: Imogen Bryan