Lights in the Park by Alexander Lee-Rekers

Performed by the Coomera Theatre Ensemble

Lights in the Park by Alexander Lee-Rekers

Performed by ZigZag Theatre’s Coomera Theatre Ensemble

Directed by Portia Morris

One quiet night, the street lights flicker out and plunge the world into darkness. A “lights out” party in Royal Park is announced, and every kid in town makes their way there to celebrate this strange occurrence. What do you do? Stay in the comfortable cycle of who you are and what you know, or adapt and change your habits and relationships to light your journey ahead?

A trio of role-players leave their game and embark on a quest for revenge… two enterprising youngsters sell torches at reasonable prices… the disgraced star of a viral video looks to make her social comeback and the floor-mopper at the local chemist encounters the worst kind of shoplifter. All these stories unfold on the way to the park because everybody’s on their way to the same party. And it is not to be missed.

Friday 30 June, Saturday 1 July, 7pm

Mudgeeraba Community Centre, Firth Park, Somerset Drive


$0.50 transaction fee applies

Age 12 +



Coomera Theatre Ensemble 

Jasmin Aston

Antonio Bonica

Joseph Bonica

Catherine Burns

Griffin Cox

Reuben Cox

Ruby Fredericks

Zepplin Kent

Ollie Knobel

Luke Mueller

Ella Savage

Ashton Strain

Elliot Whitney

Directed by Portia Morris