What is it?

🎭 Mime Intensive Masterclass for Grades 7-12! 🎭

Unlock the power of expression through the art of MIME!

🌟 Are you ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of theatrical mime? 🌟

Join our Mime Intensive Masterclass specially designed for teens in grades 7-12, and dive into the fascinating realm of non-verbal storytelling!

🌈 What to Expect:

During this intensive three-hour masterclass, Errenn will guide you through the art of mime and physical expression, revealing how they can transform our character portrayals, environmental interactions, and object handling into a more authentic performance.

Making confident and prominent physical decisions enriches the depth of our characters and injects vitality into our performances, ultimately allowing us to assert our presence on stage and communicate our identity to both scene partners and the audience.

This workshop will illuminate the powerful synergy between physicality and emotion as the gateway to authentic and compelling character development.


Info and Pricing


SUITABLE FOR: Grades 7 – 12

DATE AND TIME: Thursday 14 December, 9am – 12pm 

LOCATION: The Junction, 14 Junction Road, Burleigh Heads

COST: $50

TUTOR: Errenn Ball