Here’s what our parents and children have to say.


Sophia has just finished the Holiday Drama Course and absolutely loved it! Never easy walking into a group without knowing anyone but Erin made her welcome and she had a great time. Happy to recommend it to anyone.

My 10-year-old daughter had her first class today at ZigZag. She was so nervous not knowing anyone and as we have only recently moved to the Gold Coast, we were looking for an after school activity for her that would give an opportunity for her to make friends. She ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! There was plenty of interaction with the other kids, Erin (the teacher) was heaps of fun and had a great rapport with the children. We will be going back next week and the term for sure!

Errenn is simply amazing. She goes out of her way to make sure that every participant feels comfortable and free to fully participate in every activity. The change in my daughter’s confidence and social skills after just one term at ZigZag Theatre has been incredible to watch. She comes away happy and smiling after every session, counting down the days until next week’s class. Thanks for everything you do, Errenn!

Highly recommend ZigZag Theatre, Errenn is an amazing teacher, my daughter always has so much fun at the workshops and always walks away smiling and happy and a more confident version of herself she just loves it

It’s really good for children to have experience doing many things in an hour!! making, acting, dancing, reading! Most Children have fun and enjoy the class ! I will always recommend this class !

My son Izaac is a vibrant, unique little individual living his best life with ASD. We have not gone without our challenges navigating his pathway through AUTISM as Anxiety and social settings make it difficult for Izaac to find team sports or outside school activities but one of the things I have stayed true to is encouraging him to be WHO he is and strive WHAT HE wants in life. For Izaac acting and theatre is a way to be who he is without judgement. For the past 3 years he attends Zig Zag Theatre with Errenn every week and would never miss a class!!!! Errenn is an amazing and patient teacher who creates a safe space for the children to express who they want to be through theatre. Her classes are structured in a way all the children feel comfortable at any level and all come out with beaming smiles!!! In the words of Izaac ‘The best and sweetest Acting Teacher ever’..